Grace Vassallo, Founder of Renew Life Coaching
Mebourne, Victoria  Australia

Grace Vassallo is a Life Coach, NLP Practitioner, Accredited Consultant and Trainer in Extended DISC and published author. Having gone through her own personal journey and transformation, her mission is to reach 5 billion people worldwide in creating mastery in their own lives through awareness of behaviours and applied techniques. Grace has helped hundreds of people in Australia and UK to make the shift to live their extraordinary lives and is ready to assist you to create your life. Click here to learn more about Grace.

Q: Grace, why did you join WSA?

A: I coach and speak to men and women going through their internal battles trying to live their dream life assisting them to smash through their own limitations. My challenge is being localized in my community. WSA is a brilliant supportive and encouraging community of strong entrepreneurs and provides the platform for me to serve the community at a higher level and to reach more people around the world to share the message of self empowerment, opportunities and possibilities they have if they give themselves permission to shine. With WSA I can reach and inspire even more women and serve them to reach their personal best whilst building international credibility. Thank you WSA for this amazing opportunity!