Sheila Steptoe, Transformational Speaker & Author
London, UK

Sheila Steptoe is a Personal Transformation Speaker, Mentor & Author of 2 bestselling self-discovery books. Sheila is passionate about sharing her experiences and knowledge with people who have had a ‘wake-up’ Aha moment after a life breakdown and a new breakthrough experience. Sheila helps people connect with their inner-self and Universal energy to find more confidence, passion and self-love. Sheila personally had a beautiful spiritual awakening nearly two decades ago and has been on a life changing journey both personally and professionally ever since.  Click here to learn more about Sheila.

Q: Sheila, why did you join WSA?

A: As a speaker it’s not always easy here in the UK for people to understand what a wonderful experience this can be. So when I came across WSA recently I was thrilled to know that here was a community of powerful women who are there to share resources and give support to one another because they also understand where I am coming from! To share my message with the world is my dream and I am so looking forward to becoming more actively involved in this wonderful worldwide community as the time has come for a new kind of freedom revolution of which I want to play a big part for the benefit of like-minded souls. Thank you WSA for this wonderful opportunity and if any of you want help establishing yourselves here in the UK then I am more than happy for you to get in contact too.