Uma Girish, Certified Dream Coach
Hoffman Estates, Chicago  USA 

Uma Girish is a writer and certified dream coach. She is originally from India, and has lived in a Chicago suburb for close to four years. The transition has been challenging in many ways. Learning that her mom had stage four breast cancer ten days after she moved, and losing her eight months later, was especially traumatic. But in dealing with a devastating loss, Uma dug deep and came up with the true purpose of life: to serve.  Uma has been volunterring at a nursing home, senior living community and also at hospice for the past 2 years. This has enriched her life experience and soul journey. Uma now knows she has a message to share with the world because she has lived it: a shift from a life of ambition to one of meaning. Uma has also written a novel and is working on book number two, a memoir, while looking for an agent. Click her to learn more about Uma.

Q: Uma, why did you join WSA?

A: I need to ride on WSA’s strength to help get my message across at this time, a significant time of evolution on our planet. WSA, I believe, is a community of like-minded women who have been called on to serve a larger audience of listeners who are hungry for inspiration, insight and integrity. With WSA’s support and encouragement, I know I will make the difference I have been sent here for. My message will reach audiences far and wide and change lives.