Deborah Koppel MitchellFounder 
Santa Fe, New Mexico  USA

Deborah Koppel Mitchell has been a Women’s Circle Facilitator, and a part of the Women’s Spirituality Movement, since 1998. She is the founder of the, Spheres Women’s Circles Publication- A Resource & Forum For Expression of The Feminine Heart,” which transitioned into “The Spheres Circular- E-zine-Cultivating Connectivity & Positivity.” Deborah is also a contributing-author of, From Inspiration to Realization, and, Conscious Choices: An Evolutionary Women’s Guide to Life.  Deborah is THE “Modern Day Pollyanna,” redefining what it means to be a Pollyanna, and why it is important and needed especially in these times. She is the author of the upcoming series, Notes from a Modern Day Pollyanna, and creator of the “Pollyanna Power,” and “Modern Day Pollyanna” product line. Her latest venture is as a Founder of the Conscious Meme Network- Shining a Light On What Elevates Our Lives & Spreading Ideas That Matter! Visit: and  Click here to learn more about Deborah.

Q: Deborah why did you join WSA?

A: WSA fulfills a craving that many of us have to connect, share and be supported by creative, conscious women. WSA provides a platform and exposure for those of us wanting to get our messages out in the world in different, more heart-centered way. When I first “got the call” to be a part of this fabulous group of women, I could not help but recognize WSA as a Movement I have always been a part of! As a participant and supporter of the Women’s Spirituality Movement, I especially love connecting conscious women and organizations, and have been doing so through my events, publications, and every day life. Also, as a Founder of CMN- Conscious Meme Network- which is all about “Shining A Light On What Elevates Our Lives & Spreading Ideas That Matter!” WSA is totally in-line with all I am about. I am honored to be included!