By Dame DC Cordova, CEO of Money & You® Program
San Diego, CA USA

After 34 years of being in the seminar business, I’m often asked: how do you choose what seminar to attend? What is the best education for someone that is interested in improving her life? Making more money? Feeling better? How do you know whom to trust?
First, look at what your needs are. Where are you in your life? Do you need more money? Do your sales or income generating-activities need to increase?  Does your business need to improve? Do you have an off-line business and want to move to marketing/selling your products/services on-line? Are you in a bad state of mind?  Did you go through a learning experience with the change in the economy?

If it’s about business/money, getting educated on business/entrepreneurial education is key.  Do you need to attend an Information program about your industry (or one that you want to get into)?

Do you need to do a seminar to help u heal the break-up or loss of a relationship/a loved one?  Are you in the process of healing yourself of an illness or wanting to have great health?

The seminar industry has many branches. There are programs that will teach you: Information, Business, Transformational experiences, Motivation, Healing, Relationships, Health – many more.

Remember, business is always the same – you must have these main areas handled: Sales/Marketing, People/ Organization, Money/Finances.

You cannot just take one or two seminars and think u got it. It’s a course of action.  It’s a commitment. It’s making mistakes and correcting.

To determine how good a seminar will be? Ask: how long have they been around?  What kind of results have their clients/graduates achieved? Who created the program?

Before you sign on that dotted line, remember that you are the one that is responsible for your life and will have to put those principles/tools/techniques to work. There are no magic formulas…except when you combine the power of Intention, the Laws of Manifestation – Metaphysical Laws with sound, proven business tools and techniques, your chances of success are greatly improved. It won’t be a matter of luck – it will happen!

Education is the highest form of Leverage…

Dame DC Cordova is CEO of Excellerated Business Schools®/ Money & You® Program, a global organization with over 80,000 graduates from over 65 countries in English & Chinese. She has authored: Money-Making Systems Manual & been in many multi-media books/films/TV/Radio Shows. Her purpose: To Uplift Humanity’s Consciousness Through Business.