Imal Wagner, The Maverick Publicist
Washington, DC USA

Imal Wagner is a PR guru who has taken many of her clients to millionaire status because of her effective techniques of online and offline direct sales conversions. Imal’s extensive professional experience is a mixed blend of Publicity, Marketing, Business Development and now Social Media Strategy. Her clients range from NY Times bestselling authors, tech start-ups, small businesses to billionaires, entrepreneurs and trail-blazing business leaders.

Known as The Maverick Publicist (whose company Phoenix Rising, PR – you gotta check out), Imal’s innovative strategies and skilled tenacity has produced strategic media coverage for her clients in USA Today, Business Week, Vanity Fair, NY Times, Wall Street Journal, Times Magazine, AP, Reuters, CNN, FOX, Bloomberg, ABC, NBC, CBS, thousands of radio shows, hundreds of magazines and even several Reality TV series globally. She routinely works with a nationwide network of influential network of bloggers, creating new pathways for her clients to reach targeted audiences. Imal will be sharing her maverick publicity secrets in her soon-to-launch coaching course this year. Click here to learn more about Imal.