Margaret JacksonConsultant and Owner 
Fort Washington, MD  USA

Margaret Jackson is determined to persevere. She has experienced and faced numerous challenges in her life. The biggest and most heartbreaking, was the death of her only child, her 20 year old son in 2010. Margaret’s life was changed forever. Margaret had to make a choice..a decision to give up, or try and live..or at least function. She decided to change her volunteer and part-time work into a full time passion. She created Phenomenal Butterfly Consulting, a company dedicated to helping women manage life’s challenges and transformations. Margaret was also motivated to start RJ Smiles Inc., a non-profit created as a legacy to her son. RJ Smiles Inc., shares smiles throughout the community through acts of kindness. The organization helps individuals who may need just a little support–a smile, to keep them going. It has been tough, but Margaret is working on helping herself by helping others.  Click here to learn more about Margaret.

Q: Margaret why did you join WSA?

A: I understand that my strength comes from my community. WSA is built on creating a community of women that supports each other, shares with each other and empowers each other. With WSA there is a community of women with similar goals and vision. Working together not only strenghtens us as individuals, but strengthens us as a whole, and hence, what we are able to accomplish. While, I am bound to receive much from this organization, I hope is to also be able to give in return.