Natalie Ledwell, Creative Content Director
San Diego, CA  USA 

Natalie Ledwell is a Law of Attraction evangelist who positively impacts the lives of thousands of people around the world every day by empowering them to achieve their dreams through creating a personal “digital” vision board or Mind Movie to invoke the principles of The Law of Attraction. In 2006 Natalie experienced a life changing epiphany when she watched a movie called The Secret. This led her down an inspired path of Law of Attraction research and application. Now, Natalie gratefully lives a life beyond her wildest dreams. She lives an endless summer, travels the world, and has an incredible circle of friend who share her positive mindset and provides amazing support. She calls her mentors Bob Proctor, John Assaraf, Bob Doyle and Joe Vitale, friends. In four short years, Natalie along with her husband Glen and business partner Ryan Higgins built a multi-million dollar online business. They are grateful that, through this business, they are making a difference.  Click here to learn more about Natalie.

Q: Natalie, why did you join WSA?

A: Mind Movies is a progressive company that provides high value information, technology and support to people seeking to improve their lives. Through the internet and our Mind Movies software that empowers people to create their own “digital vision boards” within minutes, we have built a community of half a million people worldwide. This is only the beginning. On top of our internet strategies we are now utilizing other avenues to reach people with our empowering message. So I am launching my first book this year and have started speaking from stage. This is why I joined Women Speakers Association. Not only did I want to connect and network with other successful women speakers, be in the loop with the latest events and be introduced into the speaking world through the best channel, with a powerhouse with the experience, knowledge and passion Liora Mendeloff at the helm, joining WSA was simply a no-brainer. I am excited beyond belief with the connections I am starting to make and I’m looking forward to forging long term, mutually enhancing, profitable relationships with the amazing caliber of women in the WSA network. I’ll be meeting you soon.