Shanna BeamanAuthor, Professional Trainer and Speaker
Woodland Hills Utah  USA

Shanna Beaman is the author of the new and inspiring book “The Woman’s Guide to Living Your Dreams!” This brilliant book is an innovative step-by-step workbook that will keep you motivated and focused on dream achievement. She is working on her second ground breaking book “Onramp to Your Future” for teens. Shanna is a sought after professional speaker presenting at many events and seminars. She holds valuable goal setting clinics for athletes who swim for the Utah Valley Aquatics team where she serves on the board of directors. Shanna is a mentor at Utah Valley University for the Center for the Advancement of Leadership, a certified course for exemplary students. Shanna lives a balanced and happy life between work and family. Her passion is to share the knowledge she has acquired throughout her life with others, encouraging them to take action on their dreams through goal setting, motivation, time management, and planning. Click here to learn more about Shanna.

Q: Shanna why did you join WSA?

A: WSA supports women’s dreams from around the world! WSA provides valuable resources and connecting opportunities through live calls and through their wonderful website. Being a member gives you exposure and credibility, opening up doors to be seen and hired by others to share your knowledge and leadership with the world. Women have so much to offer and WSA has a superb platform to support that.