Wendy Moore, Author and Online Engagement Strategist 
Melbourne, Victoria   Australia

Wendy Moore is a sought-after speaker, International Best Selling author and online engagement strategist who is passionate about showing business owners how to better understand social media. Driven by a desire to educate and empower others and need to follow her passion, Wendy threw in her high-powered, six figure job with its $45 million budgets and gut wrenching stress to create Savvy Web Women.com, inspiring business owners everywhere. Having worked in IT for over 15 years, Wendy’s experience includes Banking, Entertainment, Leisure, Law, Utilities, Mining, Defence, Telecommunications, Government, Infrastructure and Tertiary Education. She even has a Bachelor of Computing Degree. She’s successfully established and run a National IT Help Desk for a Global company.  Wendy has a unique ability to decode the “geek speak” and “techno-babble” using simple, plain English. Join Wendy as she shares how you can easily use online strategies to connect with your desired target market. Click here to learn more about Wendy.

Q: Wendy why did you join WSA?

A: I joined WSA to share my message with a global audience. Here in Australia, I speak on a regular basis. Where I see WSA supporting me is to showcase me on a global stage. Where I see WSA meeting that need, is they’re able to tap into promoters, other business owners and people looking for women to speak on their stage. I’m really excited because Savvy Web Women is a Founding Media & Resource Partner of WSA and I’m looking forward to working with other women around the world.