By Yvonne Wu, Author
Ontario,  Canada

Virtual book tour or blog tour is a popular online promotional campaign for authors. Virtual product tours is a campaign similar to a virtual book tour used to promote DVDs, CDs, ebooks, audio CDs and downloads, membership sites, training webinars and train-the-training programs.

Both campaigns provide opportunities for the speaker to interact with bloggers and potential buyers. The virtual tour like an in-person tour, has a specific timeframe for the tour and specific appearances are scheduled in advance. Virtual product tour’s provide the speaker with scheduled online experiences in which they can create awareness about their products and their services. Here are five tips to consider when planning your next tour.

1. Approach sites whose readership would have a specific interest in your product. For example CD’s that talk about health would be ideal on sites whose target market is health or family sites that have a health section.

2. Write articles specific to your target market. Write articles that reach your target audience by having them posted on sites that have a similar readership. Make sure that you include a short bio with links on how to purchase your product and that your articles share enough information that directly relate to the product you are selling. This will entice the readership into buying your product.

3. Look for Review Sites. Look for sites that will provide you with a review of your product and if requested will post the review on Amazon. Mention these positive reviews on Facebook, Twitter and when you are interviewed on Internet Radio Show’s.

4. Look for bonus providers. Look for thought leaders that can provide the speaker with downloadable bonus or premium to entice potential customers to buy.

5. Include video on your tour page. When creating your tour page consider having a video on the tour page that shows the features and benefits of using your products. A video that gives a feel for the product so that the user can imagine how it feels to own the product.

Virtual product tours are a great way to let people know about your products and services and best of all encourage buying.

Yvonne is a certified author and speaker assistant. She works with individuals who wish to share their message with a global market. Yvonne loves to see authors and speakers attract more clients and sell more products. Visit to learn practical marketing tips.