We are thrilled to announce the launch of WSA 2.0! As we’ve shared with you in the past, our #1 job is to continually listen to what you tell us you want and need, and then create ways to bring those things to you. That way we’re always developing our organization based on what you actually need rather than on what we “think” you need. We appreciate all the feedback that you’ve sent in. We’ve taken it very seriously and integrated many of your suggestions.

Now you can quickly access all of your benefits from one place in order to maximize your membership. We’ve added a Benefits Checklist to help you easily prioritize all of your benefits based on your current goals and keep track of those benefits you have and haven’t yet taken advantage of. Virtual tours of our membership site are coming soon to visually take you step-by-step through your benefits, and much, much more.

Our continued commitment to you is to provide you with a platform that supports you in getting your message out into the world, so that you can get seen, booked and paid, and to expand ways for you to become active in our growing global community! Dive deep into your membership today and take full advantage of the abundant support, resources and tools that await you.

A ton of gratitude goes out to WSA Council Member and Marketing Team Member, Heather Porter on the re-design of our public site and the development of your Members Area. This will be built upon the foundation of the extraordinary work done by WSA Virtual Marketing Director Tracey Ehman, whose unending generosity, time and energy made the birth of WSA possible.