#1 – Content is King

Make it Current, Original and Write Like a Marketer -Use exciting headlines for the titles of your articles and pages.

Use Multi Media -People love learning from videos and click on images more than they click on text.

#2 – Put the Most Important Information at the Top

Make the Outcome Clear, Easy to Read and Find -People decide if they like a website in 50 milliseconds! Don’t mix your messages and make sure your key product or service is the easiest to find.

Create an Exciting Opt-in Offer -Offer a sample of how you can help. A bonus that teaches somethingworks best, like a video and cheat sheet.

#3 – Make your Site Social Media Ready

Let Your Visitors Share Your Content -Enable social media share buttons. Each time someone likes one of yourpages it shows up on their social media pages!

Share Your Social Content Directly On Your Site -Use a Facebook “Like Box” or a Twitter or Pinterest feed.

#4 – Use Video

Embed Videos on Your Site -A product page with a video on it is over 50 times more likely to achieve a page one listing on Google. Enough said!

Use a Variety of Topics -Display a welcome video, testimonials from your clients or a demo of your product.

#5 – Make It Trustworthy

Provide Multiple Ways to Contact You -List your address and phone number on your site. The more access points someone has, the more trustworthy you will appear.

Use the Power of Social Proof -Include testimonials and case studies throughout.

Remember your site should be designed to help your audience first. They are thinking “what’s in it for me?” so go out there and
show them!
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