Welcome to Day Three of the WSA Launch Party! I’m your hostess with the mostess (thanks Heather Porter!) Bri Clark. Today might cause a small hyperventilation in you. I know it did in me. You often hear us say “This is a woman you need to know.” Well we ain’t kidding ya’ll! And Michelle Patterson is just one of those ladies.

It’s not just because she’s rad in a down to earth meets Californiadivanista kind of way either. This woman is smart as a whip! For example she created a panel at the upcoming California Women’s Conference (yes our new partner…don’t forget to enter to win tickets below) of sophisticated and experienced actresses so amazing that it had Johnny Depp commenting on social media. (Insert hyperventilation please!)

And I’m super excited that she’s going to be our Conversation Starter at the first ever open to the public WSA Virtual Roundtable on Sept 12, 2012 at 6:00pm PT / 9:00pm ET – 1 hour. Where she will tell you” How to get booked on the BIG stage!” Register now!

Now that you’re breathing a little more normal scoot on down and find out more about Michelle. I now you’ll adore her so much you will go and try to connect with her all through social media like I did.

Michelle Patterson, Executive Producer, The California Women’s Conference
Ladera, CA USA

EventComplete’s CEO, author, and notable speaker, Michelle Patterson has been the visionary and creator behind a multitude of successful events and workshops produced since 1988. With a vast diversity in genres from Taste of Ladera, a signature wine festival of 30,000 to Create Your Future conferences. Her ability to refine and customize marketing strategies driving attendance to record highs is her forte.

Patterson was named Event Ambassador for Groupon, the internet sensation named by Forbes Magazine as the fastest growing company. She is also the author of Event Complete’s How to get your GROUPON, EventComplete’s Uncorked, and the EventComplete book series. Patterson takes great delight in producing workshops with an “Edu-tainment” flair – entertainment meets education producing spectacular events that captivate the audience. Patterson has a B.A. in Political Science from Loyola Marymount University.

Q: Michelle, why did you join WSA?

A: I am thrilled to be a member of WSA because this is an organization that gets things done! They’re all about taking messages from thought leaders from around the world and getting that messaging out. I feel blessed to be part of an organization that has created such an impact on our world and to be surrounded by like-minded women that are making a difference in our world.

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