This is perhaps the first time I’ve ever regretted being your Hostess with the Mostess. Sigh…Why you ask? Why would Bri ever regret this most amazing title? Because…I can’t enter the contest! (Only because I don’t feel it’s ethically right. Any WSA member can or anyone else for that matter.) At the end of this post is the opportunity to not only go to the California Women’s Conference (they can’t keep me away from there!) but a one on one interview with none other than a inspiring Olympic Gold Medalist Michelle Cameron Coulter!

I can’t even go on…I need ice cream to sooth this ache….you go ahead enter without me.

“The earth is 2/3 water. You are going to come in contact with it one of these days …so you better learn how to swim” Jacqueline
Cameron – my mom

Did you know we are born with only 2 fears?
1. Fear of loud noises
2. Fear of falling
The rest are all learnt.

One of the most profound fears that I had growing up was my fear of water. I grew up in a blended family of 10 children and learning to
swim was not an option- it was a life skill. I was so afraid of the water, that I failed my first swim lesson level 4 times! Being so afraid was literally making me sink.

Have you ever noticed that when we are afraid of something, we tend to tense up, freeze, not breath…and literally sink. It is not until we let go that we can relax, stop fighting it and actually float -thrive! I finally did pass my first level of swimming…when I did let
go, relax…and breathe.

Stepping into our fears helps stretch us to discover new possibilities and experiences in our lives

I went on to become a 6x World Champion and Olympic Gold Medalist in the sport of…. Synchronized Swimming.

*What do we have to lose by not jumping in and embracing our possibilities? The potential of that possibility itself!

It takes Courage to step out and play big. Make your splash in life. It also takes a great support team- No one ever made it to the top of
the podium on their own…and who wants to! –(That’s a whole other topic)

You have to more than just put your big toe in and test the water. Jump in and make a splash. You don’t even have to jump into the deep end. You do though… have to at least get in!

Stay tuned for more of Sink Swim or Float—Jumping in to Embrace the Best of us!…

To Live like a Champion…it is not about being the Best in the World…it IS about being the Best you can be!


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