Well Howdy dear readers! It’s Bri Clark your Hostess with the Mostess and if you know anything about Melanie Benson Strick you know she’s one of those women who just has it together. From an amazing business, to a smoking hot new hubby, and lets not forget the “best auntie in the world” title. Well now you can be thoroughly intimidated.

She Slays Dragons….

I’m going to need Cheetos to get through this post. BRB….

Do you have a list a mile long of projects, goals and dreams you want to achieve “someday?”

I’ve got news for you.

There is NO someday. There is only right now. Anything else becomes an energy drainer and a goal-derailer.

Here is what “someday” is.

A fancy procrastination technique.

Putting your goals out into the future with a vague due date of “someday” basically is a way to stall. Many of us say we want something but we don’t take action in alignment with that desire. By putting the goal out there in the future “someday” we are unconsciously eroding our belief that it is possible.

Then, we do this funny little thing where we begin to collect evidence that our dream is not possible.

Short term projects get our attention at the expense of our bigger desires.

We keep ourselves busy with low-level needs instead of stretching into our more powerful goal.

Time goes by with a flurry of activity that keeps us stuck in the now.

And deep down inside we being to believe that our deepest desire is just a fantasy.

Here’s how to slay that someday dragon and step into your real desires.

Decide that it’s either a real goal with a deadline or a fantasy that you will remove from your someday list.
If the desire makes it to your real goal list, then determine what actions need to happentoday to move it forward.
Determine what is getting in the way. This could be anything from a limiting belief to a lack of resources. Once you know what’s in the way, you can rise above it.

Now here is the real test.

Did you give the desire a deadline and take NO action towards it? Pay attention to whether you really do claim your dream or keep out there as a “someday” project. You may have a HUGE waive of relief when you let it go.

Be sure to share a desire here that you are ready to move forward…its a powerful way to start that action!

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