Creative, visionary experts are faced with making decisions every day, all day long. Especially if we own our own business, those decisions become the path to success. But some of these decisions become a war inside our brain…

What should I do? I don’t want to make the wrong decision!

Should I go for it? But what if it fails!

Even the simplest things like whether you should go to an event or what color to make your blog can send you into paralysis.

When it’s a big opportunity the stakes get more intense. If making decisions is not your strength then you may regularly feel faced with stuckness in moving forward. In my coaching process there is a step I have everyone create to determine your own personal decision making filter. When decisions come your way you can easily make the right decisions with confidence – quickly.

Here are 3 of the factors in determining which ideas to “Green Light:”

1. Its aligned with your personal success blueprint

Your personal success blueprint is based on knowing what’s REALLY important to YOU. When you are crystal-clear about what you value, what priorities need your attention and what you genius factors are (and what they are not) you’ll be able to sort through opportunities quickly to know what should get a YES vote.

2. Its profitable

Sometimes an idea can sound REALLY good only to discover far too late in the game that it was just a big waste of time and money. There are a lot of factors that go into uncovering if your idea is a good financial opportunity.

I know it doesn’t seem “enlightened” to think about profit but if you ask yourself things like:

How long will this take to generate income?
What will it cost me to get off the ground?
How much am I willing to risk if it doesn’t take off fast?

Be willing to ask yourself tough questions like these now to avoid financial flops later. Caveat: Profitability is not necessarily a deal breaker UNLESS making money now is a critical priority in your life. Often unexpected treasures surface when you purse #1 & #3 without worrying how much money it will make.

3. It makes you feel inspired and expansive

A great evaluator for moving forward is how the idea FEELS. Think about how it will feel when it’s done…How it will feel while you are working on it? 5 years from now? Expansive or contractive.

Now if its expansive then it’s obviously a reason to move forward. But if it’s contractive don’t just dismiss it right away. Contraction is a sign that the way you are currently thinking about it does not feel aligned with your success blueprint. There are ways to uncover what the contraction is about to see if you could make it a winner without losing what’s important to you.

For instance, perhaps the idea feels overwhelming because you could not pull it off without help. But let’s imagine you learn how to attract and leverage a great team — does it feel more exciting now? If yes, then you are back to a “green light.”

Creating your own unique decision filter is key to creating success on your terms. And getting to success the way you want it starts with learning how to “green light” your best opportunities.

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