KarenClarkKaren Clark
Online Presence Speaker-Trainer
Rohnert Park, California

Karen Clark is a heart-centered trainer and keynote speaker on the topics of social media and Internet marketing for entrepreneurs. Karen shares her 14 years’ experience in online marketing with a focus on using the Internet to connect with people, not collect people.  Karen is known for meeting people where they are in a fun, friendly manner and showing them how to attract new business, foster loyalty by serving, and stay true to their principles while building an ethical online presence. Karen is the co-author of two books, Direct Selling Power (March 2010) and Incredible Business (September 2010). Karen has been featured in “Step Into Success” and “Home Business Connection” magazines, and Top Sellers Tell, a book highlighting successful home-based entrepreneurs.  Karen offers entrepreneurs and sales teams a multitude of virtual training programs in addition to live workshops and training.

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Q: Karen, why did you join WSA?

A: When I began speaking professionally I knew that I would need to find other like-minded people doing this as a career as well, since it was new to me! I met Liora soon after transitioning from my sales career, to conducting my own workshops, to just beginning to get paid to speak. It was a breath of fresh air to hear her vision and plans for WSA. Although I receive education and support from other places as well, nothing beats the community and sisterhood the WSA has created.  Women speakers have a unique perspective, unique messages, and unique lifestyles that affect our delivery, our marketing, and our business models. To have an international organization that understands and offers support and guidance as we navigate what it is to be a woman who speaks professionally, has been a blessing to me! I am a proud WSA member!