TweetTweetSo you want others to endorse your message and have it spread exponentially throughout the world? Then you want more retweets! Retweets mean more traffic to your blog and website, increased online visibility, and enhanced expert status among the Twitter community. Your increased exposure also attracts more ideal followers.

So how do you increase your chances of being retweeted by others?  It’s actually very simple.

Here are 5 easy tips:

1.    Retweet others
Find posts that are in alignment with your message and brand, and share them with your followers. The more you share other people’s valuable tweets, the more they want to share yours.  Commit to retweeting three posts each day.

Want extra credit?  Don’t just click the retweet button and send.  Personalize with a note or thought when sharing a post with your audience.
“This is a must-read! I love #3. RT @soandso: My latest blog post will go a lot further in building a relationship than a simple RT.

2.   Keep it short, baby
You can post up to 140 characters, but for someone to retweet you, there are extra characters added (RT @yourname:). Make it easy for people to retweet you without having to edit and shorten. And as you know, people also may want to add comments to the retweet, making it more personal and compelling, so leave even more room for that!

3.   Quote

Inspiring quotes are often retweeted. Find quotes that match your style and branding, and inspire your audience to think or take action.  These can be sayings from celebrities or even yourself!

4.   Tweet, tweet, repeat

Don’t be afraid to post an important message several times. When you repeat your tweet, change it a bit. By re-wording your tweets, you’ll appeal to different people, and inspire more retweets to different communities.

5.    Be different, be profound, stand out, be funny
Twitter is very busy, fast, and chaotic. To get noticed, your tweets much catch someone’s attention in the blink of an eye. Don’t be afraid to be uncommon, controversial, bold, witty, or daring. The tweets that stand out are the ones that get retweeted.