social media content strategy chessGetting your message out into the world effectively through social media requires a killer content strategy that focuses on results. Despite what you may have heard,  content strategy is really not rocket science.

These 3 steps will help you avoid procrastination, overwhelm, and wasting your time when using social media as a marketing tool to share your message.

Elayna’s 3 R’s of Social Content Strategy

1- RESULTS ~ Start by outlining what results you expect to get from your social media strategy. Results refer to the outcomes in terms of your marketing goals as expressed in your marketing plan. Some may include: increase brand awareness, provide customer service, handle objections, research/get to know your audience more, or boost sales by a certain percentage.

2- ROADMAP ~ Trace your path from start to finish – what are the steps that will get you there?  You will take a different path and approach depending on your destination. Your social content (on blog posts, online PR, and social network engagements) will be directed to achieve a goal: if your goal is to increase brand awareness, you must start with an editorial calendar that will communicate what your brand is all about.

3- ROI ~ Define how you will measure success.  Make sure to establish tangible and quantifiable markers that tell you when you are on the right track to the results you desire. Beware of measuring your social success in likes on social networks or the number of comments on your blog.  A truly successful campaign is about conversion and conversation, not clicks.

Once you have outlined your 3 R’s, you want to make sure the topics in your editorial calendar are developed in a way that:

  • reflects your voice.  Be consistent and stand for something – your audience will notice.
  • your audience can understand. They must be able to relate to you in order to engage and share.
  • is search engine optimized. You want to get found on Google and other major search engines.

See? Content strategy is simple. Follow these easy steps and you will go from scared to excited… and if you are consistent, you will start to see wonderful results almost immediately!

Guiding YOUR Path to Success,

Elayna Fernandez - Author Speaker Success Guide Positive Mom Foundation