innovateWe are here to innovate…to create from nothing that thing that stirs inside us, that beckons us, nudges us, forces us to pay attention…until we do. That thing that keeps us up at night or keeps us moving through the day, that thing that no one else was meant to make manifest but you…this is why you’re here! If you’re wondering what that “thing” is, listen…listen to yourself speak, read your written word, watch yourself move through your day and you will find it.  It’s what causes that warmth in your belly and the twinkle in your eye. That “thing” that you seek is right beneath your nose. Indeed…it is the very thing that ignites and fuels your message. It is your soul’s work at play.

You weren’t meant to contain it. You were meant to bring it to life. Whether you’re searching to define it or you’re clear as day looking for ways to build it, there is no better place for you to find, plant, grow and even sow it than in community. It is in connection and dialogue that the seeds of your soul grow.

Author of “Leadership and the New Science”, Meg Wheatley says “Innovation arises from ongoing circles of exchange, where information is not just accumulated or stored, but created. Knowledge is generated anew from connections that weren’t there before.”

WSA is committed that you engage in such dialogue so your creative and innovative self can let lose. It is for this reason that we host our monthly Virtual Roundtables and Networking/Collaboration Calls. This is one place where you will find that “circle of exchange” that can help you nurture your soul’s message no matter which stage of its development you’re in. This is an invitation to dive in deeper into your member benefits, explore the things that speak to you and look for ways to connect, engage and expand yourself and your message. Your soul will be so happy that you did.