images-3It’s time for women to unlock their authentic voice and the leader within and join The New Feminine Economy™. Only catch…while women may be wired for success, they’re programmed for struggle! The Poor Girl/Rich Bitch Paradox keeps you from cultivating your true voice and expressing it freely.

Women are less likely to ask for what they want, negotiate, and worry about being pushy, and resist getting specific, leading to less impact and influence in a world that is begging for women leaders.

New Feminine Success Secret:

Step 1: What’s ONE topic you would LOVE to speak about for the next 5 years?

Start with 3-5, then narrow it down. What are you so passionate about that you would never get bored? Who would you love to speak to, and can hugely benefit? How could you bring out your best, be yourself and have a ton of fun?

It has to light you up and stir creativity inside you, inspiring ‘I can’t believe I get paid to do this”. There is still a level inside you where you have not allowed yourself to really want what you want.

Do not judge it, or listen to inner voices saying “you can’t” or ‘who would want it” – just go with the inner feeling of ‘this is too good to be true’ joy.

Step 2: Sit quietly for 15 minutes. Relax, see yourself on stage, in places that would really turn you on. See the audience, the venue, the standing ovations… feel the thrill of being of service and expressing yourself authentically, having fun and being on fire. See the audience LOVING YOU.

Final key to unlock your voice: Make it real to your mind – your mind is a problem solving mechanism. Make it VIVID and REAL in your mind. “Practice” in your mind, daily, feeling calm, confident and comfortable. Give yourself permission to want it, feel it, expect it,
deserve it, enjoy it. Repeat until natural.

This is how I took The New Feminine Economy™ from vision to reality.

Speak up, we are all waiting for you – the real you!

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