Big QuestionWe know that it is us…the women of the world…who are here to really shake things up and cause serious transformation on this planet. Be it in the lives of our clients, our companies, communities or the world at large…it is women at every level who are being called to be the trailblazers…the mapmakers…like never before.

To fulfill this mission requires a pattern interrupt…a different way of doing things than we’ve done them in the past…backed by a whole new way of thinking. “How?” you may ask. How do we actually cause that shift of consciousness?

Perhaps the answer lies in just one little question…

From our very inception, there has been one question that the WSA team has been committed to asking ourselves every single step of the way. That question has shaped us into who we are today and I share it with you because it is the key, we believe, to truly being at the forefront of defining a new paradigm. Here it is…

“Is what I’m doing in this moment something I’ve been conditioned to do? Am I doing it because it’s what I’ve always done, it’s what’s worked in the past or because everyone else is doing it? OR…am I actually at cause in consciously creating in this moment?”

That question has caused us to think differently and go beyond our limited mindset and our conditioned responses. It has pushed the envelope further than we ever thought imaginable, left us hanging off the edge of many cliffs, and led us blindly into new territory. If the sound of that wracks your nerves a bit, know that it’s just part of the process. I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that playing in such unchartered waters doesn’t require some deep breathing on a regular basis, but it also gives access to a whole new world of inspiration, innovation and an opportunity to soar to new and even greater heights.

A little secret that keeps us going…knowing the fact that fear and excitement cause the exact same physiological response in the body (your heart starts to race and your adrenalin glands start pumping), with only one difference…when you’re in fear, you stop breathing. So, as long as we remember to breathe…we keep transforming that fear into excitement so we can be unstoppable!

We are dedicated to supporting you in stepping outside your comfort zone, think outside the box 
and be at cause in creating more optimal ways to do what you came here to do…deliver value, 
make a difference, and make their passion profitable.

If asking yourself the same question we’ve been asking ourselves could actually be your ticket to doing just that, would you be willing to take that leap of faith and ask?