minitraceyTracey Ehman
Virtual Marketing Director & Web Mistress
Location: Vancouver (Langley), Canada





Tracey had over 15 yrs experience as a Systems Analyst when she decided to become a stay at  home mom to her two children.  After a few years, and introductions to incredible individuals through networking, Tracey decided to best way to be true to her gifts was to find a way to support others in obtaining their success and she began her Virtual Assistant business. During that time it has evolved to more than an administrative role with her clients, but rather a partnership, which has resulted in the ability to offer more services including customizing and building Word Press sites, modifying existing static sites, social media strategy, etc.  Tracey prides herself on providing optimum customer service and continuing to always enhance her education so she can be on the leading edge.

WSA is beyond grateful for the work Tracey has done and continues to do for the growth and sustainability of our community. As the developer of our original website, which launched in January 2011, it’s undeniable that we would not be where we are, able to serve you, had it not been for Tracey’s unrelenting commitment and dedication. Today Tracey serves as our Community Manager, overseeing our social media team; she continues to maintain our online presence and we are proud to call her an Honorary Founding Partner and Board Member.


“When I first heard about the creation of WSA I was very intrigued. There was something about the concept and the message that its founders were sharing that made my hair stand on end. It was perfect timing for this association to emerge, and with the excitement and commitment of its founders, I knew it was going to be welcomed by those in the industry and those just getting their feet wet.

I chose to get involved because I immediately saw what a need it could fill. My women clients, many of whom are speakers or who wish to add speaking into their repertoire so they can bring their unique gifts to the world, can benefit from such a heart-centered association. I am honored to be a part of this incredible adventure and am committed to helping WSA as it evolves, grows and flourishes. WSA, its founders and its members are close to my heart.”