Build-your-listMany women entrepreneurs struggle with how to find the right prospects for the great products and services they have to offer. Here are some great tips you can use to build your list in a way that people will ultimately want to do business with you.

There are two foundational pieces that have to be in place to start building your list:

1.  Develop a “free taste” to offer to anyone signing up. One great idea is to create five-part written e-course (a series of emails sent over a short amount of time) on a topic that will benefit and interest the people in your particular target market.

2. Create an “invite site” where prospects have to sign-up on in order to receive the information. This is a single, one-page website where they will put their name and email address. There are ways to approach this invite site:

  • A squeeze page/landing page will require your prospect to enter their information before they can see the rest of your website. On this squeeze page there is just one call-to-action for your “free taste” and they have no additional access to your site.
  • A slide page is a softer approach. You are providing the same call-to action for your “free taste” as you did on your squeeze page but you are providing a link at the bottom of this page to “enter your website”. For the prospect who wants to check you out before providing their name and email, this is a nice approach. It allows them to develop the know, like and trust factor before signing up for anything.

Here are 5 effective (and free) strategies for inviting new subscribers:

  • Utilize your email signature. Every email you send out should have your preset signature with your salutation, your name, business name with a link to your website, and a line that describes the free taste you’re offering.
  • Find places, like Yahoo, Google, and LinkedIn where groups gather to discuss your area of expertise and join in the conversation. Offer some information of value; remember you’re being of service, not selling.
  • Utilize the power of Facebook and Twitter. Facebook allows you to create a profile that describes what you do and for who. You can also add an opt-in box on the front of your Facebook page. As people “friend” you and want to know more, the box is right there with your free taste so they can easily sign-up for your list. A great way to use Twitter to build relationships is to ask a quick question like: “What’s your biggest challenge in…?” You’ll find out what is important to them and, as you share your wisdom with your followers, they’ll think, “I like what she says. I’m going to check her out” and you’ll drive them to your squeeze page.
  • Do a signature talk via teleclass. There are a lot of free places online where you can post a free teleclass. Take your free taste and expand it so that it’s an overview of what you’re offering. Invite people to come to your class. When they register for it, they’ll be adding their name to your list, with their permission of course.
  •  Be a guest speaker. Whether it’s on a telesummit or in person, speaking is the fastest way to build relationships. They’ll sense your credibility and trust you. When you invite them to your website, they’ll want to sign-up for your list.

No matter what stage of your business you are in, put yourself out there, and grow from there. And remember to do it in an honest, authentic voice because that is what draws the right people to you.

For some great ideas on creating your “free taste”, check out “How to Create Your Free Irresistible Offer”