maximize your benefitsWhen it comes to serving our members, it is our duty to never play a guessing game, rather to always be responding to what you tell us you want and need.

As 2014 is rapidly approaching, our team is diligently working away to put in play more ways to get you engaged and consume your benefits in order to give you a whole new & improved member experience.

Come January, we’ll be revealing a whole new strategy for how you can truly maximize your membership so that you feel supported and succeed in getting your message out like never before!

HUGE thanks to our Member Engagement Team whose work has been extraordinary in transforming how we translated our survey results into an actual real-time strategy for being a solution to your greatest pain points.

We wish to acknowledge and send my deepest gratitude out to Tracey EhmanMelanie Benson Strick, Kim DeYoung, Jeanne Hurlbert, Sherry Hayes-Pierce and of course my partner and WSA Co-Founder Gail Watson.