Build Buzz

Speaking at an event? Are you leveraging every opportunity to build more buzz and be remembered as the go-to expert when you are a featured presenter or even just on a panel?

Here are just some ideas I consistently use to make the most of every speaking opportunity:

  • Send out a press release. Promote yourself to your local media by announcing you have been chosen as a speaker. Although it may not be important all over the world, your local media and community are interested in what you do, including presenting.
  • Offer yourself as a resource to the area journalists where you’ll be speaking. Reporters love ‘fresh’ experts to interview when they need one. And if you can tie it in with a amazing hook, you’ll be irresistible to journalists.

Although those are just for the media, there are some other publicity tactics you can use to generate more buzz, and even perhaps more money!

  • Approach local organizations where the event is taking place and offer to do a speech for them. They may even be connected to the media and announce your presentation to their connections.
  • Get sponsors who can underwrite the expenses of your presentation. Many times they will also promote you are speaking as their sponsored guest to a very large audience.

Make the most of every speaking opportunity by leveraging your expertise and you’ll be able to gain more visibility, increase your credibility and even make more money!


Shannon Cherry WSA SpeakerChat Guest

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