Tracey Trottenberg - Women Speakers AssociationTracey Trottenberg
President and Founder, Amazing Women International Inc.
Location: Los Angeles CA

Why WSA:

I believe the world is starving for feminine leadership and role models that speak positively and powerfully, sharing her message in a way that says, ‘You can do this too’.  This kind of leader knows that when one woman succeeds, we all succeed, and when we come together, we are strengthened and supported in our greatness.  Finally, the WSA is the community and platform for such a feminine leader and messenger; bringing us together as we discover the new paradigm and share our voices to collaborate, create and grow.  I’m excited and honored to be part of this gathering of amazing women who are strong as they are soft, powerful as they are passionate, and authentic as they are awe-inspiring.  We are all blazing the trail of what it means to be a leader, speaker and role model in our true feminine strength and spirit, and now the WSA is our ‘home’ to intersect and interact together.


If you have ever seen Tracey Trottenberg speak, then you know what effective communication and authentic feminine power looks and sounds like. She’s a rockstar when it comes to teaching women the ‘inner game’ of speaking and feminine leadership.

Moving to LA with one suitcase, a one-way ticket and money for one month’s rent, Tracey grew her company – Amazing Women International, Inc. (AWI) – into a multiple six-figure business in just a few years.  She’s taught thousands of coaches, authors and entrepreneurs how to step into their authentic voice and own the stage.  Tracey guides women to share their message and establish their presence as leaders while preserving their femininity.

Author of “Seven Secret Strategies of Feminine Leadership & Communication,” Tracey has been featured in the Huffington Post, Wall Street Journal, and iVillage. She founded AWI to create, train and showcase a global community of feminine leaders and speakers.

Tracey’s unique message is:

Speaking is about who you BE, not just what you say or do.  No system will ever give you the core of who you are. We dig deep and focus on the ‘inner game’ of speaking as much as the outer.  The little girl inside needs to be on-board with the grown woman, otherwise it’s like having one foot on the gas and one on the brake.

To be that kind of speaker, you must recognize that everything is a stage – not just a mainstage or ‘flipping a switch’ – but being that messenger everywhere you go. Being congruent is the new authenticity. At the core, it’s about saying yes to your calling and bringing your Godwork out into the world, as the messenger that you know you’re here to be.

Tracey’s Vision For The Future:

I see a world in which we are more kind, conscious and considerate of each other, our children, the animals and the planet. This starts with being kind and conscious within first, and to the little girl inside each of us. We can be hard on ourselves as women, and either push beyond our truth to prove something, or hold ourselves back from the greatness we’re here to live.

To be safe to own what makes you great, and share without apology and without ego. From that consciousness and true service, real transformation is possible as you wake others up to their greatness. To do your Godwork, delivered with your ‘special sauce,’ speaking and living what’s possible for others. Not perfect, not boastful and not better or different, but because you’re one of us.

I believe feminine leaders and speakers will guide us, alongside the extraordinary men who support and hold space for us.

How Tracey Is Breaking New Ground:

“The Western Woman will save the world” is not enough. The game changer is how you share your message, and the experience of being around you and in your audience. It’s what happens in your speaking and space that truly creates, transforms and catalyzes.

Self-awareness is the #1 leadership quality. Being feminine is to share your heart, risk being vulnerable and then bring in the head. That’s why we focus on the inner work as much as the words and delivery. We pull out the gold inside to truly own and embody your message. Our work starts where most people stop.

We’re breaking new ground at AWI, expanding our mission to “create, train and showcase a community of feminine leaders and speakers” and bringing the powerful work my rockstar husband, George P Kansas, does with men: “to inform, support and celebrate the extraordinary men who hold space for amazing women.” It’s very exciting!