“No matter where you go, there you are” 

ancient Chinese philosopher Confucius

Be Your Own Best PublicistThe truth is, you know yourself better than anyone AND you go with you wherever you go. So, if you think about it…that means that every time you go anywhere (that could be physically or virtually – like on a phone call), you are being given an opportunity for potential self-promotion. Now, I’m not talking about bragging or even pitching yourself…what I am saying is that even before opening up your mouth, you are already delivering some kind of message about yourself to others. And, that message can lead someone in any one of many different directions…it could lead to a new client, a deepened connection, a life-changing opportunity,  a chance to contribute or to receive. That means that you can’t help but promote yourself because it’s involuntary and always happening on every level…physically, verbally and energetically. In a sense, even without trying, you ARE your own best publicist IF you know who you are “representing”. This is not an invitation to fire your publicist. It is an invitation, however, to begin asking yourself, “who am I BEING (rather than what am I DOING) out in the world?”

You can have your “elevator pitch” down pat, but if who you’re being is incongruent with what you’re saying or you’re just not feeling connected to the truth of who you are even before you open up your mouth to deliver your shtick…you may find that the outcome created is less than optimal.

Being your own best publicist begins with increasing your self-awareness around who you’re being as you move through your day and also taking responsibility for how you show up. You get to choose if who you’re being is an authentic expression of who you truly are or if you’re allowing some story or limiting belief to run the show in that moment.

Take a moment to listen to that still small voice within you that knows the difference between the two and then consciously choose which “version” of yourself you want to “represent” to the world. Either way, it’s ok. Just know that the act of becoming more self-aware in the moment is truly what makes the difference for how you show up, move through your day and how others receive you.