problem solverIf you provide a service – as a coach, nutritionist, interior designer, VA, etc. – then you’re a problem solver! You probably work with your ideal client all day long so you know who she is, what problems or challenges she’s experiencing and what she needs from you to improve her life.

You answer questions and problem-solve on the spot every time you work with your client, and the problem-solving probably comes quite naturally to you, and your clients value the information you provide.The question becomes: How can you reach a broader audience of ideal clients who need you to solve their problems? One answer is to create an information product that will meet their needs.

So you can make this happen quickly, the key is to figure out what you know TODAY (without any extra learning and that’s already in your knowledge base) that you can use to help others.

As you consider creating your own product, start observing yourself and how you do all the things you do. Especially those things that come naturally to you. Carry around a notebook for a week and jot down the questions you’re being asked along with your answers. Notice what you do easily.

Don’t underestimate what you have to share with your ideal client, nor take for granted that which comes easily to you. (That’s a pretty good sign it’s your special gift). Too many entrepreneurs, especially women, think they’re not enough and that they need to learn more. My guess is that you know a lot more than you even realize, and you’ve got plenty to offer TODAY just as you are!


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