make a difference
Have you heard the buzz about the speaking industry? They’re claiming you can’t make a good living as a speaker. That is SO wrong! The fact is, difference-makers are creating spectacularly prosperous and fulfilling lives around the globe! Simply follow the hidden path to success…

3 Steps to Prosper While Making a Difference

Step 1: Shift Your Focus

I know what it’s like to wake up at 2:00 a.m. with your heart pounding as you lay in the dark desperately searching for a way to bring in enough money to pay your bills. When that’s your life, the last thing on your mind is making a difference. Every thought, strategy and action is about one thing – money.

I found a different path – one that took me from bankruptcy to a fulfilling and lucrative speaking career touching millions of lives.  It all begins here:

Stop thinking about money and focus your entire business on making a lasting impact on people’s lives!

This isn’t a touchy-feely-mindset thing. This is a time-proven, strategic plan for business acceleration that has worked consistently for me (and my clients), especially in difficult economic times

If making money is one of your goals for 2014, shift your entire speaking business to achieve one goal: make an impact on every life you touch. When you focus on impact, the money will come.

Step 2: Capitalize on Associations

Now is the time to capitalize on a system that already exists and use it to make your impact. Every industry has a professional association that serves its members by providing conferences and you need to be speaking on their platforms!

Begin by searching specific industries (like “Professional Nursing Associations”) and search general sites like

When you find a conference that interests you, fill out the application and leave the “requested fee” blank (if required, enter $1,000). Somewhere in your application, insert this:

My goal is to make an impact and money isn’t my focus. Let’s schedule a quick call to discuss how I can best serve your members while keeping my fees low enough to fit your budget.”

When they respond with an inquiry, don’t discuss fees in email. Request a live call and make your conversation with the meeting planner all about the association and its members. When the conversation turns to fees, say this:

My goal is to make a lasting impact on your members and money is not my priority. Tell me what fits your budget and I’ll do my best to accommodate you.”

Your focus on impact will put you way ahead of your competitors. When you get invited to speak, use the formula in Step 3 so you can make a huge impact and get invitations for even greater opportunities.

Step 3: Move People to Action

If you truly want to make a difference and grow a sustainable business as a result, then every time you speak, capitalize on the opportunity by creating an immediate and permanent impact for your audience.

Research shows lasting impact and significantly higher revenues come when you combine effective inspiration with practical information and move people to action so they implement your how-to advice. Make it happen consistently with the Action Formula™:


When you use this formula effectively, you’ll get inquiries as you step off the stage, with invitations for speaking, training, coaching and consulting. You see, the “big” money doesn’t come from getting hired to speak. Sustainable prosperity that leads to a secure and comfortable lifestyle comes from the impact you make during your speech and the opportunities that come as a result.

For more details on how to use the Action Formula™ to grow your impact (and income), download the “Move People to Action” PDF on the WSA site.

Bottom Line

The real secret to prospering as a speaker is to move people to action so they implement your how-to advice, get measurable results, hire you for deeper opportunities and send all their friends to your door!

When you focus on impact, you’ll discover what it really means to change lives. You’ll sleep peacefully through the night and awaken each morning excited about the difference you’re making for the people you serve. And that’s what it’s all about.

Now more than ever, the world needs your impact and if you feel driven to make it happen, then please don’t put it off. Life is far too short to settle for less than you truly want – in your business or your life. So wake up each and every morning and move people to action so you can make an impact on every life you touch!