Influence youthIt’s no secret that I am passionate about our youth. I’m even more excited to see so many businesses impacting them in a positive light.

If you’re not among the numbers flocking to tap into the buying power of this generation, you are missing out. More than $200 billion will be spent in the next five years by youth and young adults. Not only are they a force to be acknowledged, they deserve to be influenced by you.

The reward is bigger than a dollar. The impact cultivates a community of leaders equipped, and prepared for the marketplace.

Here are 3 ways to influence the youth and build your business:

1. Your Net
There’s an old saying, “you can’t clean a fish you can’t catch.” Before developing programs and products to serve this generation, evaluate your net. Whatever your method is on the interNet, your Network, its ability to attract the youth is important.

2. Learn Heart Marketing
So how does a coach, speaker or life changer attract a youth to their business? I’m glad you asked. By showing your scars, you show them that you’re real.

3. Focus on the dream, Not the dollar
Don’t always make it about the money. They’ll move on faster than you can count to three. If they are seen as a number, instead of a human being, you’ve blown it. Build a community that cultivates communication. Ask questions, call and or write, even after the business has stopped. This generation is all about relationships. That’s why social media is so important. It makes relationship building and communication simple.

These are 3 ways that I have used to influence and impact youth for years. Not to mention the trial and error. What are some ways you use to influence and impact youth?