Podcasting for influenceSpeakers tend to be on the road a lot speaking to live audiences.

This takes great skill, confidence, and the ability to speak in public and connect with an audience. But between live events, when you’re home at your office, how are you getting exposure to hundreds and thousands of people?

With Stitcher radio being installed in several makes and models of 2014 of 2015 cars, podcasts are going to be accessible to the masses and will be listened to by thousands upon thousands of people.

Entrepreneurs who host their own podcast and upload their show to Itunes and Sticher radio are always looking for guest experts who have valuable content to share with their audience. As a speaker, getting interviewed on these podcasts has the power to expose you to thousands of potential followers, prospects and clients.

There is value in getting interviewed on all podcasts, with both large and small audiences. While it may seem like the only benefit to interviews is getting exposure to lots of people, you may wonder what the point is in being interviewed by a new podcaster with a small following. Your connection with the host, personally, may in fact be way more profitable and valuable than the impact you have on a large audience. Never close the door on potential profitable relationships.

I have multiple clients who have been interviewed on ‘small time’ podcasts who were either hired by the host after the interview, or had a host refer clients to them.

Building your business is all about building relationships. By jumping on a Skype call for 30 minutes, you have the ability to build tons of quality relationships by simply being interviewed on a podcast.

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