I’m often asked, “Terry, Why do you love to speak?”

Every time  I hear that question my mind instantly flashes to the speeches when my words and energy caused someone from the audience to hug me afterwards. I love hugs!!! And what I love even more is being able to influence others lives with my message and experience of leadership, service and love.

Do you remember a time when you listened to a speaker and their words touched your heart?

  • What was it about the speaker’s words and energy that resonated with you?
  • What moved you to take inspired action to change your life or help someone to change theirs?
  • How did they say it to make you sit up and listen?

You see, speaking allows you to leverage your time by reaching many at once who are ready to hear your message. Even those who are resistant to your message can take away seeds to be pondered. That seed can grow into different perspectives, experiences, and openness.

When you speak and share authentically and with integrity, you honor your heart, soul and the mission that you are here to complete. Your message, infused and spoken with passion and sincerity, has the power to change lives and help others shift  in ways you may never understand.

You may say to yourself, “I’m not a speaker! I could never get in front of an audience!.” I’m here to tell you that you speak every day. Whether it’s with family members, co-workers, customers or vendors,   every day you share something  and every day you have the  opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life with your words and actions.

Our lives, the good and the bad, are our stories. When we share those stories, and offer solutions to create positive results, we  as leaders  empower ourselves and those around us whether the stage is our office or a conference room. We teach through our life experiences, the struggles and the solutions that we found to help ourselves.

Your speaking may be the medicine that one person in the audience needs to hear to save them, to help them, to guide them.

To your success!
Terry Wildemann


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