Our Virtual Roundtables (VRT) are designed to be a highly 
interactive experience, where Premier Members have the opportunity to connect, collaborate and mastermind with your sister members to dive 
into deeper dialogue around topics deemed most important by you.

Rather than featuring a guest speaker to “talk at you” for an hour, which is something that you can experience anywhere, we design our VRTs in a way that gives each participant an opportunity to have her voice heard.

We believe that there are more experts out there other than the ones who know how to market themselves or have a marketing budget and we believe that there is a vast pool of those experts, right here within our own very own WSA community. As such, we invite our “Conversation Starter” (a Premier Member who is an expert on our monthly topic), to stir up the conversation by only answering one or two questions at the top of the call. We then move into smaller breakout “rooms” and depending on your level of experience on the topic, participants play the role of either mentor or mentee in a mastermind session.

Participants return to the “main room” to share their aha’s and have an opportunity to interact with our Conversation Starter in a Q&A session.

Members report receiving all kinds of benefits from participating in our Virtual Roundtables, from landing speaking gigs, to getting media bookings, building joint ventures and much more. If you would like to share an experience you’ve had on one of our VRTs, please comment below.

Premier Members, check your Member Portal for details on our upcoming Virtual Roundtables and becoming one of our Conversation Starters. Associate Members, access your free Guest Pass to eavesdrop in on one of our WSA Virtual Roundtables in your Member Portal.

ALL MEMBERS may Click Here to get instant access to the FREE recording of our April 24, 2014 Virtual Roundtable, in which we featured California Women’s Conference Executive Producer Michelle Patterson.