Women Speakers Association is proud to announce our partnership with The Global Women Foundation, a 501 (c)(3) non-profit public charity that creates global chage by bringing women together and empowering them to transform their own lives and their communities.  The Foundation’s vision is to serve as a world-wide conduit for by connecting women to each other and to their community, and via these connections offer mentoring, education, and financial support.  The public charity, which started almost ten years ago as a local festival supporting 22 charities, has grown into a global movement for women.  The Global Women Foundation  advocates for women’s initiatives and enables women around the world to achieve their full potential on a personal and professional level by experiencing We Are Better Together. 

The Global Women Foundation, through its signature event, the California Women’s Conference, harnesses the passion and ambition created at this event and takes it around the globe stimulating lasting change on a global scale by bringing women’s issues to the forefront.


Women Speakers Association is proud to be partnered with the California Women’s Conference again this year. All WSA members  receive a 35% discount on individual tickets. Just Click Here & use the coupon code “WSA2014”. If you are interested in receiving a discount on a table at the conference, Click Here and use the coupon code “WSA2014”