Incredible YOU!One of the greatest gifts I have is the fortune of speaking to many of our members each month, and I must say, that every time I do, I am blown away by the incredible talent, ideas and generosity of YOU, our amazing members. Each conversation inspires me, motivates me and solidifies the mission and vision that we all share here at WSA.

I wanted to share some highlights that came out of these conversations.  Each of these women, without hesitation, has jumped in and is now getting involved on our WSA team, so you will be hearing a lot more from them very soon…

Deanna Roberts from Melbourne, Australia – web designer and speaker, is now helping us with the management of our website and will be the Connect & Collaborate Live Event Managing Director for Melbourne.

Lori Webb from Denmark, Copenhagen – brilliant online strategist, author, speaker and expert who thrives on exploring new possibilities, has stepped up an entirely new level and is now overseeing our YouTube Channel and video content creation.

Marion Claire, Co-Creator of the LOVE BOAT and comedic writer from Los Angeles, will be sharing her “Speaking is Sexy” tips with you on our blog and in our newsletter, “The Voice”.

Additionally, we are so excited to have these extraordinary ladies supporting us at this year’s California Women’s Conference:

Tracey Ehman, Melanie Benson Strick, Victoria Reynolds, Michelle White Hart, Kristina Johnson, Bri Clark, Carol  Pilkington, Katrina Sawa and Kari Hagensmith.

This is just a sampling of the conversations I’ve had.  Each one has chosen to PLUG into WSA and PLAY!!  Each is bringing her own unique gifts and talents, and sharing them with all of you through her efforts supporting WSA.  What an awesome gift!

Liora & I have lengthy conversations about you, our members, and we are so proud and honored to have you a part of this team.  A team that continues to grow stronger and stronger…,a team that offers diverse talent…and a team that wants to work together to make a difference in this world.

We are also committed to getting you plugged in more and more so that you can share your gifts in the biggest way possible.  We want to know who you are, we want you to take full advantage of everything the WSA can offer you to help get your message out and we want to play together with you!

Looking forward to this month and can’t wait to see who we get to connect with next. Maybe it’s you?