Speakers as LeadersIn the last 5 years on the author/speaker journey, I observed how the old paradigm of speaking is suppressing change and a new paradigm of speaking is much needed to transform the world. Most speaker trainings teach the formula, system, skills, techniques, etc. that enable the speakers to engage, enroll and sell in the back of the room. These are all good but something is missing here: The true voice of the speaker is often buried in the commercial aspects. I had many struggles in speaking my core message while following the different formulas and techniques until I was able to break free to say whatever I wanted to truly express from my soul – the True Voice.

One of the ways the speaking industry measures the success of a speaker, depending whether that is keynote or platform speaking, is how much the speaking fee is or how many people pull out their wallet to pay for continuation programs such as products, coaching and trainings, etc. However, many of the highest paid speakers are not necessarily the ones who are speaking the truth. And, the success rate of the people who bought programs in the back of the room is pretty low.

There are many reasons behind all this. I’d like to share the most important reason, in my opinion. Most speakers are speaking to find fans and followers who buy their products and services rather than speaking to empower the leaders to break free to be who they are and to create a new path to change the world.

In other words, most speakers are guiding the audience to follow their path, formula, system, etc. whereas true change comes from new creations of the new leaders, not following anyone.

What is needed is a new speaking model to shift to a new paradigm to bring positive changes. That is why you, as the new generation of transformational speakers, are here to change the old paradigm and whatever does not serve the  people anymore.

Speakers are leaders. A true leader creates and cultivates leaders, not followers.

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