WSA Growing

We are so thrilled to report that our WSA membership continues to grow more and more each and every month. Because of you, our members, spreading the word of our “movement” to empower the voice of women world-wide, we are able to support more women in getting their message out into the world so they can make an even greater impact. As we grow, the larger our network becomes for you to tap into to expand your influence and share resources as well.

Don’t be fooled by our name. Women Speakers Association is far from being limited to only those women holding a microphone standing on a stage. Our mission is to support ANY woman who has a message get that message out into the world, which means our membership spans the entire spectrum.

From Fortune 500 CEOs to government officials, from actors to lawyers, healthcare practitioners to financial planners. You name it, we got it! ┬áIf you want to plug yourself into our very rich and diverse community, make sure to visit your “Get Active In Our Community” section of your Member Portal and check out all the ways you can connect with your sister members.

Our members continue to share with us their extraordinary results from participating in our Connect and Collaborate live and virtual events, our #SpeakerChats, Facebook Group, etc. Many members report getting speaking gigs and media bookings from the connections they’re making through WSA, while others share their successes collaborating with their sister members in book projects and a variety of other ways that support one another in getting their message out into the world.

Consider WSA your sandbox to play in with others you respect and admire. Click Here to share your success stories with us and let us know the magic you’re creating out of your WSA membership and through joining forces with your sister members.