Ebooks, videos, teleseminars, audio downloads – information products are everywhere. You are probably thinking that with all the free information out there, why would people pay YOU for information?

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They won’t: Unless you know how to do the one thing that will make you stand out from the competition and keep your audience coming back for more.

Information without transformation is meaningless. Transformation that gets results is priceless.

Once you know how to create products that transform and not just inform, you’ve unlocked the door to a lucrative stream of income to add to your business model.

Information Products or Infoproducts are one of the top ways authors and speakers can generate passive income. Infoproducts can be extremely valuable to speakers and other service-based professionals. Especially ones that work with clients one-on-one. Information products allow you to generate more income without adding more direct service hours to your schedule.

Selling information sounds simple enough, right? But how exactly can you make that work?

First, let’s be clear about what kind of information we’re talking about. The best information products solve a problem that a potential customer has and is willing to pay to know how to solve it. For example:

  • The couple that wants to use mediation to avoid a nasty divorce.
  • A busy executive that needs to lose weight for an upcoming event.
  • The single mom with upcoming college expenses for her daughter that needs to make more money.
  • Parents that want to learn how to change their diet to help their son manage ADD.
  • The occupational therapist that wants to use more holistic alternative approaches for helping her clients.

Information products can be delivered electronically (digitally) via ebooks, membership sites, audio and video downloads or as physical home study products delivered via mail. It’s a multi-billion-dollar industry, several times over, that has generated millionaires such as Dan Kennedy, Ali Brown, Brendon Bruchard, and Yanik Silver to name just a few that have claimed to make six figures from selling their expertise.

Why are information products so appealing?

Many speakers and service-based solopreneurs are drawn to the low barriers to entry, high profit margins, hands-off management, and a fairly quick time-to-market. With the right systems in place, a well-done information product can be created and released in less than a week. And with a well-planned marketing strategy, the return on investment can be quite bankable.

While it can be easy to get into the information marketing game, doing it successfully is another matter. Many bright-eyed would-be and well-intentioned speakers jump into creating a infoproducts, hoping to discover a goldmine. But most of them discover that creating products that actually sell is not as easy as it looks.

In my short report, Before You Write that Ebook: 10 Costly Mistakes to Avoid So You Can Profit With Information Products, I share several of the common pitfalls that speakers fall into when adding information products to their business model. I also provide tips on how you can stand out by creating high quality information products that actually help your clients get results.

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