Jenny MaddernJenny Maddern MA. Ed, C.B.S
Women Speakers Association , Connect & Collaborate Director,
Snappy Casual Consulting, Owner
Bakersfield, California




Jenny Maddern is a wife , mother, tenured educator, and a double digit pants sizer. She’s a cancer survivor and a former beauty queen. Jenny can help you KNOCKOUT Your Closet Chaos, in as little as 4 hours and transform your wardrobe and relieve the stress that comes from “having nothing to wear”..

Jenny is also our newest Connect & Collaborate Director for Bakersfield, California.

Why WSA?

“Bakersfield is brimming with inspiring, talented, and motivated women with a valuable message to share. That’s why I am thrilled to bring the Women Speakers Association , Connect and Collaborate events to my home-town of Bakersfield, California. These events will be like no-other networking events around, we’ll have premier “Thought Leading” Women as Conversation Starters and YOU as active participants in the discussions. Network, Collaborate, and Connect. What’s Your Message?”