DrLinetteMontae-375x375Earning a Master’s Degree in Executive Leadership taught me the importance of being a leader but it did not prepare me for the prison bars that fear in our personal life can place around our  ability to lead in our professional life. This, I learned the hard way, so today I want to share 4 things you need in order to Lead with Unapologetic SHE Power™ in business.


1. Smart Systems
No one seems to like talking about systems and leaders dread implementing them even more but in reality everything in life is a system – from how you brush your teeth to how you deliver your service. Some systems are planned and others just happen but your goal is the same – to consistently get the desired result while saving time, money, energy and effort – without reinventing the wheel, every single time. I call systems the Drama Reducer!

2. Superb Service
Customer experience is the new marketing. In fact, 8 out of 10 consumers say they would pay more – just to ensure a superior customer experience. I know I have. People are sick and tired of  poor quality products and shabby service. If you really want to be a leader in your industry – focus on delivering an “experience”. “Marketing gets them in the door – an exceptional experience brings them back for more.”

3. Strong Support
There are so many moving parts in a business, it doesn’t take long for tasks to cause overwhelm and inaction. Leaders know they cannot build an empire alone. YOU need to focus on what you do  best which means automating and delegating the rest. Begin by outsourcing a task or project – then move on to enjoy the freedom that comes with leading a full team.

4. Several Streams
Simply put, you need several streams of income to add multiple zeroes to your profit. I know you likely started your business so you could lead on your own terms which requires money coming in that does not tie down your time. In other words, you need some passive income rather than all active income.

So tell me, how well are you leading your business?


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