As speakers, it is easy for all of us to get lost in the day to day management of business, blogs, and bookings. While these daily tasks are critical to our livelihoods, they also can distract us from our true purpose. What is our purpose? We  are each tied to a gift, a talent, a message. And our purpose it so share this message with the hope of making a difference in the world.

When we are not connected to our soul’s message, it can lead to blocks in receiving the right type of clients, speaking engagements and growth in our businesses. When we are not connected to our soul’s message, it can make your “elevator pitch” sound just like a marketing ploy instead of a sincere extension of your heart.

How do we connect to our soul’s message? Chances are if you are reading this, you have also tried reading self-help books, joining webinars, seeking guidance from a speaking/business/intuitive coach.

The real answer is deep inside of you, a place I call the internal soul compass.

Giving a TED or TEDx talk is truly giving a talk of a lifetime. One of the most valuable lessons I learned in preparing for my TEDx talk is how critical it is to be connected to your internal soul compass. In an ideal world of speaking, the soul of your talk correlates with your soul’s message. The soul of your talk can be summed up in one word, a phrase or one sentence.

Once you are connected to your soul’s message, you build content around that. Don’t wait for an opportunity to speak on a TED or TEDx stage in order to give the talk of a lifetime. Every time you speak, it is the talk of your lifetime.

Are you connected to your internal soul compass? Learn three mindful steps I teach clients in my TEDx talk, “The Powerful Secret of Your Breath”


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