Cindy AshtonCindy Ashton

Founder: Speak, Impact, Monetize™

Women Speakers Association is excited to Partner with the fabulous and talented Cindy Ashton. Please get to know her and if you’re in the Toronto or LA area you’ll want to check out her live event. We will be there meeting some great people and look forward to seeing you as well!

In 2012 Forbes Magazine said: “For those who’ve been through speaker training…you leave feeling less authentic than ever, with piles of ‘correct’ postures, gestures, and speech effects to practice.” Cindy Ashton’s Speak, Impact, Monetize™ is a revolutionary 2.5 day conference that is going re-define what speaker training means. Get ready to learn the tools that the most innovative, powerful & revered performers, actors, dancers and entertainers use to captivate every audience, make a massive impact & earn the big bucks.

Who is Cindy? She is North America’s Unconventional Speaker Trainer with over 15 years experience touring & training all over North America, on multiple platforms. Rejecting the old model of posing and gesturing that turns people into robots, her work goes deep to get her speakers to unleash their natural magnetism and connect authentically with every audience member. She has received awards from both President Obama & the Queen of England for her lifetime of volunteerism and has appeared in multiple media including on the front page of the lifestyle section of the Times and in Performance Magazine alongside Donald Trump.

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