Last week we reached a milestone with our WSA Facebook Group.  We reached 5000 members who are connecting, collaborating and celebrating online.  At the writing of this post, we are now close to 5200 members who have joined on our Facebook Group.

5000 WSA Facebook Group Members

We wanted to celebrate and acknowledge our 5000th member:  Lin Morel

Lin MorelWe took this opportunity to find out more about Lin, and the timing was perfect to share more about International Soul Lifts Day (SLD) which launched today, November 23rd with a gathering of individuals who are committed to  lifting each other and the planet through sharing how they have lifted themselves or someone else. SLD is an outgrowth of the new book Soul Lifts: From Bumps to Brilliance. (launching today)

The goal of Soul Lifts Day is to bring people from around the world together, to lift one another and the planet for the highest good. People are encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity to reach out and touch another through an act of kindness.

There is no such thing as a small soul lift. Children, adults, seniors are all invited to participate in this momentous occasion and create recognition that anyone can make a difference.

Our intention is to create an expression of joy, gratitude and a focus on what is right with our world demonstrating that people care, and that caring transforms lives for the better.

People from England, Scotland, Hungary, Italy, Canada and the United States are participating. Soul Lifting is a global concept designed to go beyond our differences and celebrate life.