md_headshot_-_blue2014 marks a new chapter for WSA and opens up a whole new world of possibilities for you and all of our members! As you may already know, this week we announced a change in our leadership body. After five life-changing years of proudly serving as WSA’s President, I am extremely excited and truly honored to pass that torch over to WSA’s Co-Founder and my dear friend Gail Watson.

It’s incredibly exhilarating witnessing a vision come to fruition. Even more extraordinary is the opportunity to give birth to such a vision in collaboration with such a talented, committed team of women who passionately share in delivering that mission. Without Gail Watson, Tracey Ehman, Melanie Benson Strick and the more than 50 women who have given their service to WSA over the past 5 years…I am very clear that none of this would have been possible.

I’ve reflected much upon WSA’s evolution, especially while lying in bed with a broken back for several weeks this past quarter. I looked at where we’d come, where I could see us going and questioned my role moving forward. I believe my body was speaking to me, beckoning me to listen to the deeper meaning behind my injury. I discovered much about myself during that time, including the realization that my soul’s passion and strength comes to life during the creation phase of a business…in taking an idea or vision from nothing to something and then…passing it on to someone who can take it to where God intended it to go.

It’s been five years now since our organization was established, long past our start up phase. We’ve successfully built a very sound, solid foundation and a beautiful, thriving global community. Now I see that my primary role here has been accomplished and it’s time for Gail to take the helm and the Executive Leadership Team to play like never before in order to exponentially grow WSA. I feel very blessed to have the opportunity to make this transition in such a beautiful, harmonious, mutually loving, and respectful way.

Lastly, it has always been part of my personal vision in creating WSA that it would one day become part of the legacy that I leave. During my recovery, it occurred to me that by the very nature of the word legacy, one must actually hand off what it is that they have birthed.

As Melanie said while facilitating my transition call this week, there’s an evolution occurring for each and every one of us on this planet. As entrepreneurs, speakers, messengers, whatever form our message may take, we all share the calling to grow and evolve. Sometimes that may mean that those things we birth and take a stand for get to grow along with us. Now is the time for this part of my legacy to begin.

As I venture forth continuing to find and express my ever-evolving true voice, it is my deepest desire for you that you not only find your true voice as well but that you powerfully and passionately share it with the world.

With much love and gratitude,