Does this sound like you? …you sit down at the computer and start to draft your weekly blog post, do some research, write or video your message and hope that all this time, money and effort you put into creating this blog will give you a +ROI…

If so great, read on. If not, maybe you don’t blog, but do other marketing efforts to capture your target audience’s attention like tradeshows, webinars, networking, social media etc….well this blog post is for you too!

Here’s the quick and dirty of it. We are all out there trying to capture the attention of our ‘named’ target audience. Whether it’s a specific industry, demographic, association, corporation or educational institution…it doesn’t matter. In today’s market place everything is moving at such an amazingly fast pace that unless you are unique, different, create curiosity and pull on heart strings…you will NOT stand out. What does that mean for the Topic Experts like us who are trying to gain the attention of the media, conference organizers, meeting planners and clients… you need to LEVERAGE every single touchpoint you have in your business and make it “TALK Worthy”! What do I mean by ‘talk worthy’? Any efforts you make in marketing your brand, message, product or service needs to have that ‘je ne sais quoi!’ about it! Literally speaking – it needs to have an intangible quality that makes it distinct or attractive.

The way you do that is, to apply a ‘Word of Mouth Marketing Strategy’ for any and all marketing efforts. Steps to consider: 1. Is what I’m doing ‘Talk Worthy’? 2. If no, what creative idea could I come up with to get it to be Talk Worthy? 3. If yes, is it easy for the Talkers to Share this information? 4. Are you able to Participate in the conversation and Track it?

Let me give you an example:

As speakers we are often excited to share a new gig or speaking opportunity with our networks and speaking industry connections, as it helps increase our credibility and brand awareness. But, how often do we see someone sharing information like this?…after awhile we dis-engage no matter how great the #news is. So why not make it ‘Talk Worthy’, Create Curiosity, Get People Talking, Engage the Audience, Challenge Them… A few years back I had a great opportunity to speak at a conference with President ____ ______. When you clicked on the Speaker Page for the event, you saw me featured and right underneath was the President (it was in alphabetical orderJ). I was so excited to be profiled with such an important Public Figure…I couldn’t wait to tell the world. BUT WAIT. I always step back and say to myself….how can I make it ‘TALK WORTHY’?

So this is what I did.

FB Post #1. ‘Why is no one answering their phone?…I have amazing news to share and the peeps are all off line! Who wants to know my exciting news?’
Action: Post commenter’s got an inbox message telling them the news and asking them to go back to the timeline and say something encouraging but not to spill the beans.
FB Post #2. Can you tell me who’s picture is beside President Bill Clinton?
Action: Linked to conference affiliate link

Subsequent posts continued in a similar pattern off and on leading up to the event, the overall exposure totalled over 250 comments, and 3 follow up speaking gigs.

Marketing Booya!

Laura Booker #BuzzOrBust

It doesn’t matter how big or small your touchpoint idea is…each time you have an opportunity to communicate with your target audience you need to make it so Radically unique that the ones you do draw in, feel inclined to spread the word. Leveraging the Domino Effect of your marketing efforts will be what sets you apart from your competition. Think: #IceBucketChallenge Remember the next time you find yourself heading down that road of traditional promotion, advertising, soapbox cries ASK yourself that very important question……Is it what I’m doing ‘Talk Worthy’?

#SpeakerChat Jan 27, 2015

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