Lumbie MlamboLumbie Mlambo
CEO/Editor-In-Chief of Equanimity Magazine
Coppell, Texas




Lumbie is the youngest of ten children born to an orphaned father. In 2001, she earned her B.S. in Computer Science and Mathematics from Texas Woman’s University. Lumbie is married and has 2 sons. In 2009, Lumbie launched a publishing business (Equanimity LLC) that developed into a publication “whose mission,” she says, was “to empower,  encourage, and inspire others through true stories ‘real people stories’ to not give up hope, but to realize they have a potential to rise, be creative, and be who they want to be, as well as participate in the community.”

In 2014, she founded a Walk-4-Green movement which encourages workers to take time out of their busy work schedule and walk for 30 minutes a day to relieve job stress, have fun and appreciate life.

In January, 2013, Lumbie launched JB Dondolo, Inc. (, a non-profit organization whose sole purpose is to provide charitable services to benefit impoverished
communities worldwide.

Lumbie’s Vision

My vision is to be able to help fight poverty. There are many needy people in this world. And poverty is everywhere. There’s nothing good about poverty. You don’t have to be wealthy to help the less fortunate. Blessed are those who give, for they will receive more and prosper!

Lumbie is an Agent of Change

I consider myself an agent of change. The magazine allows me to empower, encourage, and inspire people to not give up hope but to realize they have a potential to rise and impact other  people’s lives. By sharing the stories, you never know whose life you change and that could be the only thing someone needs to make that break in life. I encourage you not to give up too early, but to think of yourself as a winner. You were not born to lose.

Why WSA?

WSA is a community of all sorts of people who own various businesses. Since I’m always looking for content for the magazine, there’s a possibility to network and connect with individuals who likely have stories I’m looking for. If not the stories, perhaps there’s an opportunity to gain readers for the magazine.