I would like to take this opportunity to welcome Shelly Elsliger to the WSA team. Shelly will take on the role of helping to enhance and build our WSA community on Linked In. Shelly will use this powerful online professional networking tool as a catalyst to build awareness around WSA, showcase our members’ expertise and knowledge, share resources, network online, and create an interactive and empowering group. Each month Shelly will share with us tips that we can do to our own profiles to enhance presence and Link in to LinkedIn. We would like to ask all current WSA members to please make sure to join the LinkedIn Women Speakers Association Group and follow our company page. – Gail Watson

Link to group: https://www.linkedin.com/groups/Women-Speakers-Association-3419377

LinkedIn Tip #1 Use a Professional Headshot

ShellyElsligerOne of the most important aspects of your LinkedIn Profile is your profile picture. LinkedIn is all about networking and visual impact makes a difference. Profile pictures are crucial for your professional brand. In fact, a profile with a picture increases the interest and view rate by 14x. Your photo should really be about the image you would like to convey to your professional network; where you fit or where you would like to fit.

Tips for your Professional LinkedIn Profile:

  • Use a headshot-​from the top of your head to your shoulders.; making up 60% of the frame
  • ​Make sure it is warm and welcoming; ​a smile can always do the trick
  • Display a current picture; taken within a two year period and ​reflecting what you look like on a daily basis
  • Take a​ direct shot; keeping ​your eyes on the camera
  • Be ​posture perfect: sit up straight and display confidence ​
  • Choose a​ solid background color; aim to attract not distract
  • Keep one image for at least a year and share the same image across platforms
  • Don’t use a company logo or image. Professionals want to connect with other professionals
  • Conform with the appropriate size determined and outlined in the official guidelines established by LinkedIn 200 x 200 pixels, square JPG, GIF or PNG image