Blogging is one of the most effective online marketing tools available to speakers. A blog enables you to demonstrate your authority in your niche. And it helps your website’s search ranking. Google loves it when you add fresh, quality content to your website on a regular basis. When you post articles that answer your prospects’ questions, your blog becomes a lead generating device too.

One of the advantages of blogging is that you can repurpose your articles in a variety of ways to reach more prospects. Here are five ways to get more mileage out of your blog:

1. Email Newsletters – There’s no reason to come up with new content for your email newsletter when you already have quality content on your blog. For best results, write a short intro about the blog article and include a link to your website. Now when your email subscriber clicks the link to read your article, you’ll be able to track that information with your email service provider and/or Google Analytics.

2. Video – In our time-crunched lives, many people don’t want to take time reading blogs. The solution? Turn that written material into a video. When you upload these video blogs to YouTube and Facebook, you have a chance to reach a whole new set of prospects. If you don’t want to be on camera, you can create a PowerPoint presentation and add voiceover instead. I’ve used Screencast-o-Matic effectively for this, as well as VideoMakerFX.

3. Slide Show – If you create a PowerPoint for video, you can also post it on Slideshare. Since there won’t be an audio to accompany the slides, make sure your message still comes through with bullet points and images.

4. Audio – Converting your blog post into an audio recording is also a great way to repurpose your content. Use free sites like or Audioboo, or turn your audio file into a podcast and distribute it on iTunes. Another option is BlogTalkRadio, where you can create your own live radio show, and upload audio files there and move them into a podcast.

5. LinkedIn – The social networking site now allows users to publish content on their profile page. If you don’t have time to write an original article for LinkedIn, you can publish one of your blog articles on the site. Tip: Add a sentence at the end of your post, stating the article was first published on your blog and include the URL to your website. Ex: Article originally published on

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